Monday, February 27, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico

Hello from an internet cafe´in Oaxaca, Mexico! I am typing on a Spanish keyboard, and everything but the letters are in different places, so forgive any oddities. :-)

I realized that I never posted about my trip here on the blog--I guess I just expected those of you who didn't hear about it other places to use osmosis or something... So here's the scoop.

My dad grew up inCentral America, since his parents were missionaries. He spent most of his childhood in Oaxaca and the nearby tiny town of Mitla. Last year we decided it would be awfully fun to take a family reunion there. So here we are, with twenty of Dad's family!

I should be on-line more as of Thursday or maybe Wednesday, and probably won'tbe on-line until then. See ya!

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