Friday, December 14, 2007

Radio interview!

This morning Glenn Hascall, host of KHYM radio in Kansas, and a FaithWriter friend, did a short interview with me over the phone about Peculiar People. It was pretty cool. Of course, after the fact I always think of all the things I should’ve, could’ve, would’ve said differently, but especially for a first radio interview I think it turned out well. I was glad it wasn’t live and could be edited a bit. ;-)

I was so glad Glenn offered this opportunity, and he’s even given me a copy of the clip to archive on our website. The piece will be broadcast on Friday, Dec 14th sometime between 7:00 AM and 8:30 AM Central time. You can listen live online at the link above. Later I’ll post the archive on the PeP website.

I’ve been looking forward to the interview all week. It was really funny because Tuesday I woke up all in a panic, sure I had missed the interview. Then I realized that the interview was on Thursday and I was fine after all. I still wasn’t quite sure what day it really was and panicked all over again deciding I’d missed my final exam for school. But no…the exam was on Wednesday. Finally I realized it was indeed only Tuesday morning and all I needed to do that morning was order carpet for one of Dad’s houses. Heh.