Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Leisurely Day

I spent most of the day leisurely shopping. Those who know me, know I don’t much enjoy shopping, but somehow with family and friends in Mexico it’s a bit more fun (though my feet did get sore). First, Wendy took Mom, Aunt Lynn, cousin Cathy, and me to a row of jewelry stores. I saw a number of very pretty things, but decided against each of them.

Then we wandered around the Zócalo (town square) for a while, people watching. Most of our group wandered by at one time or another. Wendy told us that Oaxaca’s Zócalo has recently been redone and is now one of the nicest Zócalos in Mexico. It is quite lovely with a large gazebo for musicians in the middle. Wide paths lead out all around the gazebo, crossing around flower and tree planters with concrete block borders just the right height for sitting.

Mom and I had a long, quiet lunch in the Zócalo. We each ordered soup and nonchalantly added the sides of avocado, onion, etc to them. Oooops! Mom has orders from her doctor to only eat fruit and vegetables that she has seen washed (in purified water) or from a safe place. Praying neither of us, especially her, get sick. At least it was a yummy lunch!

In the afternoon we could see camera and sound crews setting up their supplies in the courtyard of our hotel. Turns out they were going to film a TV show there! It was a singing group that goes all over Mexico, to churches and all sorts of places. I thought I was going to be able to watch from the perfect vantage point of my balcony window right above the courtyard, so I was quite disappointed that our family dinner was scheduled elsewhere right in the middle of the time. I didn’t get to see any of it. But, the restaurant we went to actually served me meat with no spices, because of my allergies. Usually they say they will leave off the sauces and spices, but when it comes I will see that the meat was already marinated in it or something…

Before dinner we went to the market in search of a dress and skirt for me. I bought two blouses and one skirt in about 45 minutes!!! Now mind you, most of the rest of the women in our group would have spent, at very least, hours shopping for those. LOL Indeed, we bumped into my oldest sister, AJ, in the market, and she was also looking for a skirt and blouse outfit. She had been there a few hours before I got there and she still doesn’t have anything. :-p

When we arrived at the restaurant Aunt Lynn and Cathy called to me down the long table, “Did you get a pink or purple skirt?” When I answered “purple” they cheered and gave each other a high five. “We guessed right!” LOL

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