Saturday, February 25, 2006

This is Mexico

All twenty of our group have made it to Mexico safely (though a few nearly got left behind or lost). I must say, this has been the easiest trip into Mexico I have ever had. That said, there is no doubt, however, that we are indeed in Mexico.

In fact, that has become a bit of a joke. If one should complain, or comment on an unconventionality (¨There are no hotel rooms for half the group even though we{ve had reservations for six months and you called a few days ago¨?!), the rest of the group will nod sagely and respond, ¨This is Mexico.¨

Even the taxi ride was uneventful. Yes, the group´s two taxis raced a little, but at least it was on a four lane road and they wre both on the correct side of the road. As for the fact that our driver was watching All Dogs Go To Heaven in Spanish on a little portable TV as he drove, well, this is Mexico. ;-)

{prayer update: Cousin Mary (84 years old) fell this morning. She is all right, but a little bruised and she twisted her ankle a little. Mom´s injured leg muscle didn´t much like the long plane trip, but she´s getting around okay. My cold hasn´t gotten too bad, yet. Thanks for the prayers!!}


Wren said...

I hope you have a blast, Amy!

JesusPuppy said...

Praying for Mary... God bless..