Friday, February 24, 2006

My Week

Hehe, I am making this post from the airport, getting ready to fly to Mexico! Yay! We are having a family reunion there. I’ll be making posts about our adventures as long as I can find internet access. But for now, I’ll catch up on the news of this week.

Tuesday I had an appointment with my naturopath for some testing. Turns out that I have very little stomach acid. This could be the reason for a lot of my troubles, including my persistent lung infection. The good news is that there is a supplement that the Mora testing showed would help. So when I get back from the trip I will start that treatment.

My signing class on Wednesday went well. We spent the class working on our group skits that we will perform on the last class of the semester. Though the groups are supposed to be bigger, I ended up in a two-person group. It’s working perfectly for us. My partner is about my age and lives near me, but best of all, she is a Christian.

So, with her help, I wrote a Christian skit for us to perform. It is kind of a character sketch of two girls seeing Jesus. Since there are just two of us, we are showing what is going on entirely by our conversation to each other.

We are both really excited about this skit. In fact, I found myself getting chills every time I did the last line. I pray it will plant some seeds in our class.

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JesusPuppy said...

Hoping you didn't forget the power addapter for the laptop... lol. And dont forget to take some pictures... I want at least one sunset.. :-)