Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm back with tales of blessings

The last few weeks have been so busy I haven't even had time to add pictures to the blog journals I've already written. The first couple of weeks it was because I was working hard formatting a different kind of project--an autobiography called From Ruby Ridge to Freedom. A small publisher, Overboard Books, hired me to work with the author on the story, do an edit, and then (after another editor's proofread) format the paperback. The last few months have been spent on that process, on the phone or over email with Sara, giving the book a final polish.

It's been a blessing to be a part of this powerful book. Sara's story is a difficult one of terror and death, lies and oppression. But most of all, hers is a story of finding grace and offering forgiveness to those who hurt her the most. Check out an interview about her story here and check out the book on her website,

Only hours after finishing the book, I headed south to the Oregon Christian Writers' conference. Wow, what a blessing! The four-day conference took a toll on my health and it'll take a while to recover, but it was worth it. There were a lot of "divine appointments" with other writers I met who needed a bit of encouragement and we exchanged a lot of business cards and arranged to exchange critiques and encouragement.

There was a professional photographer there offering author photo shoots, but I'd decided I couldn't afford it, even though I need one for my website and have people asking for it when I get short stuff published. Then they drew my name for a free giveaway! Thank you, God. Another writer there who happens to be a professional stylist flagged me down and offered to do me up before the shoot. So many blessings. I should get the photos in a few weeks.

I brought along the creative writing workbook I wrote, Bring Your Writing to Life, to sell at the bookstore. The teacher of my coaching class included it in his list of recommended books and I sold out all the copies I brought and had people asking for more.

Most exciting was that I met with a big name publisher who asked to see Voices of the Dark when it's finished and then I met with one of the top agents in the industry who rarely takes new writers. He said, "I don't ask people to send me their manuscripts. Will you send me your manuscripts?" So I sent them off this weekend! Maybe nothing will come of it but it's so encouraging to even get asked for a second look.

Wishing I felt better to be working hard on finishing Voices, but I still have a few weeks before the term starts back up at the college I work at, so hopefully can recover some in that time and get a lot done.