Saturday, January 12, 2008

Running on Empty

Hello, blogasphere. I haven’t been around much, but yes, I’m still in existence (note I didn’t say still alive--that’s debatable). I’ve had a few blog posts I was planning to write, but I haven’t had enough energy to get through the day, much less enough left over for writing blogs.

Basically my biggest problem is that I’m not sleeping (no, it’s not stress or worry). I’ve had some sleep trouble for years, but the last couple months it’s getting worse to the point that I’m only getting a few hours of restless and interrupted sleep each night, and natural herbs and supplements don’t help much. I think it may be a low thyroid (I have many other symptoms that match that), and my doctor is doing testing on January 21st.

I called my doctor’s office to make an appointment yesterday. Of course they asked why, and as I was explaining my lack of sleep and other symptoms, I made the mistake of mentioning heart palpitations. The receptionist immediately transferred me to the urgent care advice nurse whereupon I waited on hold for about a half an hour. Finally the nurse answered and asked more questions and then said someone would call me back later.

Hours later another receptionist from the doctor’s office called and said, “I got your message about calling the advice nurse about your heart palpitations, but we’re going to go ahead and just have you make an appointment with the doctor.” Hello people, that’s what I called for in the first place…I could have done that with the first guy and had it all done in five minutes. LOL. Don’t you love doctor offices? I’ve had more than my fair share experience with them, that’s for sure.

I’ve had some health problems since I was born, but they got much worse in 2000. Since then it’s been one thing after another. Many of the issues have been mostly resolved by a naturopath doctor, but a few months later something entirely different will pop up. It seems my body is simply unable to run well. Anyone know of any good body shops? I could use a new one. haha

On a brighter note, I’m excited about my school schedule for this term. As I explained a few blog posts ago, all my classes right now are repeat classes. I signed up for an ASL class and Interpreting Process II. It turned out that the process class is going to be too much of a waste of time repeating reading and bookwork that I did great on the first time around. My teacher suggested that I just practice interpreting on my own, so that’s what I’ll do. She even agreed to meet with me occasionally to give me feedback on interpreting. This will be a much better use of time for me, and will work out well considering my health struggles at the moment (especially since this class required me to get up around 5:00 AM to get there on time--long commute).

I’ve also been doing a lot lately to prepare for next summer’s FaithWriter’s conference. I’ve gotten two agents signed up to come, and have one to three interested in coming next year. This will be a wonderful bonus for our writers, and will likely draw even more attendees. I guess it can be really hard to get agents to come to a small, new conference, so God has really blessed us.