Monday, February 06, 2006

Funny Being Me

You know, I’ve been thinking lately… Those who know me, know that I’m generally a very happy person. I’m very easily amused and pretty much anything will tickle my funny bone. In fact, apparently I myself am rather amusing. Or so my friends tell me quite frequently. I’ll be carrying on a normal conversation and all of a sudden a friend will burst out laughing, “Ha! You’re so funny Amy!” Leaving me standing there blankly wondering what exactly was so funny.

In fact, once after just such an explosion, I asked a friend, “What was so funny? I was just talking. Just being me.”

The response? “You’re funny being you.”

OK. So now that it is firmly established, we get to the odd part. God made me funny. God made me a writer. So wouldn’t it make sense that I be a humor writer? Now, I do write humor occasionally. But the fact is, what I write the most, and what I have gotten published the most, well, are melancholy at best.

But you know what? I enjoy it!

Go figure.


Kaylee said...

That's wild! I'm a lot like that! What I think is even crazieris that my brother tries too hard to be funny, so in real life, he isn't exactly a comedian, but he wrtes the best humor fantasies!

Wren said...

I was told that I needed to write humor because it would be challenging for me. Everytime I try, it's rather silly and stupid, so I understand the challenge. Maybe you feel challenged to write melancholily (if that's a word)?

BTW, this is Lauren. I changed my display name. :)

Jezreel said...

Ya, you're a weirdo ;)

No worries though - we're all weirdos of our own accords!

Love ya!