Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bittersweet Term End

Today is the last day of my Winter term. I’m happy, because it was an incredibly challenging term and now we get a week of break. I’m happy because I can feel I’m improving and my grades show that. I’m happy because it was a good term, with the good memories standing out from the bad.

I’m sad because this was the last class with my favorite teacher. Patrick is a lot of fun and gives great feedback and encouragement. I’m sad because several students, “family” members, will not be back.

I survived finals--six final tests, and several papers all in two weeks or less. One of those papers ended up ten pages long and the other was twelve pages. I’m all done with classes and have one more paper due tonight that I’ve hardly had time to even start on yet. Off I got to whip that up and then I’m free!!!!!

That is, free until Monday when I start work so I can have gas money to get to school next term. ha.

Friday, March 09, 2007

I knew it! (winning concert tickets)

My local Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) radio station has a game called “Sink or Swim” each night, where they play two songs and have people call in to vote on which they like the best. During the voting, they typically give something away to a random caller. Today they were giving away tickets to a concert.

I was listening to them as I drove home from an “Interpreting English Idioms” workshop and as I called in to vote I just knew I was going to be that random caller who won the tickets. You see, I’m not keen on really loud music (which is what most CCM concerts are, I think), and I only like some of the popular CCM music.

So naturally I would be the one they’d pick instead of some teen who was dying to go. LOL! Whadda ya know, I was right! At first I thought I’d ask them to pick someone else who would be more thrilled, but then I thought, “hey, it would be fun to do something different.” Turns out it’s the Saturday after all my finals wrap up, so it’ll be a nice beginning to Spring Break.

I don’t even remember who it was a concert for, lol, but I think they may have said Jaci Velasquez (sp?) was a guest singer, and I like her music. I’m thinking about who to take with me to the concert. Yes, Wren, you are on my list of maybes. ;-) But I’m thinking I may invite a non-Christian classmate (though I decided I better avoid the Lesbian ones lest they get the wrong idea, heh) or someone like that…

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it. I’ve never been to a CCM concert before.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Here comes Amy the Sparrow as LarryBoy the Cucumber!!

I pulled an all-nighter last night, working on a college paper. Well, I laid down for about an hour and half, but since I didn’t sleep a wink that doesn’t really count. Amazing thing is, I actually made it through the day and had a good one to boot!

During our second class of the day, we took a field trip to another classroom to see The Illumination Project--A social justice theater project. A group of students write and perform short skits that deal with experiences they have had regarding the current topic. This term’s topic is racial prejudice. The group acts out the skit of the day about a simple act of prejudice that could easily happen on campus, but with no resolution to it.

Then they perform the skit a second time. This time an audience member can call “stop!” and go take the place of on of the actors in an effort to help the situation. We audience members were not allowed to take the place of the main person being prejudice, but could step into any of the other roles. The point of the Illumination Project is both to help people become more aware of prejudice around them, but even more so, to give them practice taking affirmative action in a safe environment where they can experiment to see what works and what doesn’t, making us all more likely to step up next time we see something, instead of just fuming from the background.

And yes, I yelled stop and joined the action. I mean, hello, improv acting and defending someone wrongfully accused? If that doesn’t have Sparrow written all over it, I’m sure I don’t know what does!

OK, so on to LarryBoy. In ASL class at the moment our topic is animation (mainly to give us experience describing and interpreting any odd and unusual thing that might come along). So today we had to pick a famous animated character to describe. Tomorrow we’ll each take turns describing the physical characteristics of a character and then add a little action. Then our classmates guess who our character is!

I considered Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Sully or Mike Wazowski… But then I thought of LarryBoy!! It was someone unusual that was unlikely anyone else in class would pick, and does he have a great outfit or what! So yes, I’m highly pleased with who I picked. And shhh, don’t tell any of my classmates.

By the time I got to the end of the school day and was working on LarryBoy, it had been about 27 hours since I’d slept and I was flying high on adrenaline and decidedly giddy. Rather a fun state to be in when dealing with impersonating a cartoon character, but I knew I had a long drive home and would be crashing hard soon, so I left immediately after class instead of practicing and working on homework like usual.

Sure thing, I’m about beat. So I’m headed off to find a LarryBoy VeggieTale to refresh my memory with and then it’s off to an early bed for me! Singing out, from Sparrow the LarryBoy Impersonator!