Thursday, February 09, 2006

Can You Hear Any Better?

As many of you know, I found a computer microphone laying around the other day and I have been having a blast playing around with it. Unfortunately, it wasn't so fun trying to get it on this blog...but thanks to help from many of you, here at last it is! :-) It may take 10 minutes to load if you have dail up. :-( I'll try to figure out if I can get it faster. But hey, you can do other things while it loads. ;-)

This story was written as a joke, so it's a rather silly story, and of course I don't have any professional tools to work with, but I think you'll enjoy it. A few months ago I was working on a story for the Faith Writers challenge with the topic "Spring". I mentioned on the message boards that I was having trouble finding a name for my main character. Well, Deb, the challenge coordinator, teasingly posted a list of rather long and odd names. I responded that they were all female names, so she posted another list of male names and then put "Any Better?".

Now, if she had stopped there I wouldn't have thought much of it, but then she added, "Uh, that last one wasn't a name..." Well, then I just had to write something! So this story was born. It uses every single name she listed--no more and no less. ;-) It also uses the Spring theme in two different ways. Enjoy!

Any Better

Oh, and to tie this in with my last post... Yes, this story is wacky, but check out the actual challenge entry I submitted that week! Spring Will Come Too Late LOL


purple_kangaroo said...

You're so funny, Amy! Haha, I just had to say that after that last post. All those voices were you, weren't they? Impressive.

Jezreel said...

You're nutty, Amy. Truly nutty. *shakes head* Any Better should have changed his name to Joshua Daniels. :P

You have a great reading voice - very dramatic!

Love ya!

Wren said...

Fantastic, Amy!

Venice Kichura said...

You are so talented, Amy!
Not only are you a gifted writer, but you also have an exceptional reading voice! I know your family must be very proud of you!

Sarah said...

i dont know you and you dont know me, lol but kaylee went to the purity conference and i met her there. we became friends. she brought a poem and a story that you wrote about purity. she said it was on if you could pleeeeeze tell me what the name of the poem and story are i would greatly aprieciate it! um if you go to my website, to comment you have to have a xanga (witch is my site brand i guess you could say.) just make one up real quick and comment me! thanks! sorry if i confused you!
your sister in christ,