Monday, September 05, 2005

Playing with Colors

Just a warning, I'm going to be playing with the colors in the html of this blog. Since they just say "color #fff" or something equally unintelligible, I am just going to do random things till and see if I can change anything. :-) If any of you know how to make silver, light blue, or purple as back ground colors, let me know what their thml code is! :-)


Jim said...

HTML accepts some words as colors.Instead of a number code, you can type in the word silver or purple. If you want all the codes type this into Google:
html color code

Good Luck !

BHGA said...

I use
see if you find anything there that you might like


Amy said...

Thank you! I took your suggestions and googled html colors and got some helpful stuff. Obviously I'm not done playing with the colors, yet, but I've got a good start! I thought I didn't publish my changes yet, but here they are! :-)

purple_kangaroo said...

Here's the resource I use: WebMonkey Reference Color Codes