Monday, September 12, 2005

Just made it!

I was hoping I could squeeze in and place in this last week's Faith Writers' writing challenge. And sure enough! Yay! I squeezed in at 8th place, the last. So this is my fifth short story to be published. :-) Here is a link to my story, The Last Line. The topic was Postcard. A special thanks to my FW friends, Red Baron and Dust, for editing help.

I had a fun evening with my mom tonight. We had an errand to run and Dad has basketball on Mondays, so we made a night of it. First we stopped to get our hair cut. I have this little spot among my very straight hair that grows all kinky and curly. The stylist found this exceedingly amusing and kept handing me a mirror so I could see and having the other stylist turn Mom's chair so she could see the kinky part! :-) After that we went to eat at Arby's, then got some frozen custard. Frozen custard is new to our area. Mom and I like it a lot--it is richer and more full than ice cream.


Shelley said...

Congrats on 8th place! I wasn't able to enter the last two challenges since school started...besides I couldn't really come up with an idea. I had one for this last one, Bon Voyage, but wasn't able to get it completely written on time. I have an idea for this next one, so hopefully I'll get it in on time!

Pat said...

How come these twerpy younger adults are allowed to be so dagum talented! ;)

Congrats not only on the place but the many place's (?) :)


Douglas_Coombs said...



purple_kangaroo said...

Good job, Amy!