Monday, September 26, 2005

Dizzy Realms of Delight*

For being a Monday, this day sure started out well! As usual on Monday morning, I dragged myself out of bed and went for the computer to see the results of last week’s Faith Writers’ writing challenge. This week is inbetween quarters, so there is no new topic. First I checked the Advanced level winners. Wow, wow! All five were familiar names! Though my name was not listed, I was so excited to see my friend, "Dust", listed in third place. Dust is a remarkably good young writer, but his writing is dark and apparently does not usually match what the judges are looking for. All of us on the message board were so excited that he finally made it into the Editor’s Choice with his story, Trapped in the Attic. And so fun to have a bunch of other friends make it this week, too!

Well, then I checked the Editor’s Choice winners. These are the eight highest scoring entries of the week and have nothing to do with the Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced level awards. So it is possible to place in the Editor’s Choice and get published in the book, even if you didn’t place in the level winners. Yay! My name and story, A Day in Our Life, was listed as seventh place!! This is my third win this quarter, so now I’ve achieved my goal--to have one more story in this quarter’s book than I had last quarter! And I finally managed to pull off a story that had a secret in the story-line! :-) I've tried before, but gave up and rewrote them because it didn't work.

As if all that didn’t get me excited enough, I then found an email in my box from the Challenge Coordinator, Deb. They are changing the way the judging works and instead of volunteers (which did have to meet certain requirements), she is carefully picking judges and I was one she picked. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it or not, since I am starting a college class this week, but I was honored to be chosen.

So I’m floating in the air from all that excitement, and I still have the first session of our role playing game to look forward to tonight! *happy sigh*

So, I wish on you as wonderful a day as I am having!

*title taken from a line in Anne of Green Gables


Shelley said...

Congrats on the editor's choice win, as well as having 3 stories in this quarter's book!! I have one entry in the book from the 'luggage' topic. My story is called Luggage Larry.

I'm hoping to do better next quarter...though honestly I had only put two entries in this quarter (I joined in late). My first got a highly commendable and the second one got first place and 8th place in the editor's choice. I can't wait til the book comes out so I can get a copy of it. It will be my first ever published story!

purple_kangaroo said...

Congrats, Amy! You're doing a good job with your writing.

We want to hear more about the college class, too. :)