Friday, September 02, 2005

Hope Floats: Bringing Bibles to the victims of Katrina

The victims of Hurricane Katrina have lost everything; their belongings, homes, and for some of them, even family members. They are crying out to God for hope and many of them have requested Bibles, seeking encouragement and strength from God’s Word.

The Hope Team is answering that call. They are putting together a collection of true, hope-filled, short stories in a book called Hope Floats. The proceeds of this book will go toward purchasing Bibles for Katrina victims.

I have been given the awesome opportunity to submit a story that will be considered for publication in Hope Floats. I am so excited about this! To be able to use my talent and love for writing to help with relief efforts is really a dream come true!

Please pray for wisdom for me as I write a story. Maybe I’m just spoiled :-), but normally I come up with two or three ideas for a story within twenty minutes of hearing the topic and within a few hours I have picked one and have the story-line pretty well on it’s way in my mind. I learned about this opportunity yesterday afternoon and still don’t have a story. I don’t have much time to write it, so I’m really praying for the right idea to come quickly.

I keep thinking through all the stories I have heard about my parents and grandparents and missionary relatives and friends. I know the right story must be there! Of course, there are many hope filled stories in my family's history, but most of them would make a better short anecdote than a longer story. If anyone has any ideas for me, please pass them on! :-)


Shelley said...

I have said a prayer for you for this task. I have also prayed that God will give you the words to use that will bring hope to whomever reads it. Let us know when you decide on a story and how it goes.

Debrand said...

God will give you the exact story to write that will give Him glory and minister to someone in need. Go for it!

purple_kangaroo said...

What a great idea and opportunity! How long is it supposed to be? What about the story you wrote about Mom's kidney transplant?

Shelley said...

I too have been approached on this opportunity so I am praying about it as well. Please pray for me too.