Sunday, September 11, 2005

In Remembrance

Today is the fourth anniversary of a tragic day in America. It doesn’t seem as though it has been that long. It seems only yesterday I was standing in front of the TV, watching despair, but finding hope in seeing heroes.

Our country came together in those days following the attacks, but more importantly, we prayed together. My plea for America on this anniversary day is that we continue to pray together and strive to put God first in our Nation.

Forgive my bad poetry, but I felt the need to put some of my remembrances down on paper.

The Day I Find a Tear

I stand in my pajamas
This Tuesday towers crumble
I watch as people die
Stand aghast in horror
But I can not even cry

The stories keep on coming
This Tuesday still unceasing
These tales of heroes dear
Courage, strength, and honor
Yet now, still I find no tear

I stand here in the silence
This Wednesday noon time after
I feel so very numb
Can only whisper prayer
And never does weeping come

We gather, candles flicker
This Thursday evening quiet
Our hearts unite so near
Kneel all before our God
Still, I do not feel a tear

They say seven men alive
This Friday in night time late
But then we cry out “why?”
To find it’s all a fake
But still I can not cry

England stands here by our side
This Saturday morning time
Our nation’s anthem hear
At Changing of the Guard
And today I find a tear

© 2005 Amy Michelle Wiley

Somehow the touching tribute that the Queen of England requested on that Saturday after the bombing, when The Star Spangled Banner was played at the changing of the guards, somehow that was when the numbness and heaviness was lifted from my heart just enough to allow tears.

And so I cry today, to have this anniversary fall on a time that once again finds America hurting. But once again shows that we still have heroes.

God Bless America!


purple_kangaroo said...

This post evoked tears for me.

Wren said...

Thank you, Amy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, did I miss something? Where was the bad poetry? ;)