Saturday, September 24, 2005

Inter-Galactic Travels

Some friends and I are setting up a role playing sci-fi game. I wrote a intro and a vague story-line, then we are having each player create their own character. Each Monday night we are gathering in a chat room to "act" out the ad lib story. It is going to be so much fun!! You can check it out at the FW Chat-A-Book page and follow the action there.

The story, Assignment to White Planet 8069, is set in the future, when interplanetary travel is common among the space stations built on many planets. The universe is controlled by the United Universe government and, of course, all religions are outlawed except Universalism, a religion of tolerance that emphasizes the spirit within each person and within each plant and animal.

The UU government suspects that illegal activity is going on in White Planet. A team is put together, Group T19, to go investigate under the guise of doing research to see why the city is doing so well, so they can take that learning to other civilizations. The community in White Planet is nearly self-sufficient and the UU figures that could only be accomplished by using the black market.

Anyway, we need more players, so if that sounds fun then please drop me a note! I think this will be a blast!

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Jacky said...

Hi Amy,

I just found your blog through the pm you sent me. Not sure if I will have time to join in the fun, but if those guys on Faithwriters are involved it will be.

I also have a blog you might like to call in.

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love jacky
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