Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hello Porto Escondito!

Wednesday, March 1st

We got up very early and flew in a little 15-person air plane from Oaxaca to Porto Escondito. That was so fun!!! I’ve been in smaller planes, but never one that size. I sat right behind the pilot and next to a window. My dad’s cousin, Monte, got to sit in the co-pilot seat and even got to wear the ear phones. I got an awesome picture of it. :-D I think I'm going to enter it in the county fair.
This picture was taken from the airplane. :-)

Several of us are not feeling well, my oldest sister and my Aunt Lynn are feeling particularly badly. It is soooo HOT here, so lots of us are having some problems with the heat. My poor five-year-old niece got dehydrated and was really out of it tonight. As we walked back from dinner she says, “I feel like there is a wave ride here on the street.” Poor thing was dizzy.

I took several naps today, hehe, and plan on sleeping a lot tomorrow. Then I’m gonna rent a boogie board!!

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Kaylee said...

I love the picture! I've entered some pictures in our county fair before and won first place with one!