Monday, March 20, 2006

More steps forward!

As most of you know, I've been organizing and working on a sci-fi book with a group of other Christian writers from FaithWriters. Well, we have finished the rough draft!!! Wow! This has been quite an adventure and the story turned out awesome! It's hard to believe we are all done with the weekly sessions.

I still have a long road of work ahead on the project, though. I now will begin to edit and smooth it out, and convert it into a radio drama format. I'm excited, though, be on to this next step. Yay!

Also, a very respected author on FaithWriters has issued a challenge to be done in this three-week break between quarters of the FW weekly writing challenge. He said that if any of us will write an outline and the first several chapters of a novel, then he will critique them. I was planning on continuing to work on my Biblical fiction collection of short stories, and begin the research phase of my novel. But this isn't an opportunity that comes everyday, so I am going to dive into the novel on Thursday of this week (my Spring Break begins then). I'll only have a week and a half left of the three-week challenge time, but I shouldn't have trouble writing a couple of chapters in that time.

That is, as long as I can get started.... So far I'm feeling a little stuck on opening ideas... and we all know the first line is the most important. Good thing we can edit later. ;-)

I know you're all wondering what my first novel is going to be about. :-) Maybe I'll post a little of it here....but for now I'll just say it's about a young girl waiting for a kidney transplant, and about organ donation--Issues that are close to my heart.

I'd love prayer as I embark on the next step of both of these projects.


Kaylee said...

I've followed the sci-fi book from the beginning and I must admit that it was great! I'm sorry that it's over!

Jezreel said...

Well done Amy! Sorry I haven't been keeping up to date with your blog. Things have been hectic. I still owe you an e-mail I know, and I'll be sure to get to it.