Saturday, March 11, 2006


Thursday, March 2nd

Can we say “hot.” Ug. Ah well, I found some breeze. I slept half the day and no one seemed to be around when I got up, so I brought a book and ordered some food in the hotel’s restaurant overlooking the ocean. It catches a nice breeze there and is so pretty.

Unfortunately when my family did come around, they didn’t think to look in the restaurant for me and got a bit worried….

Right now I’m sitting in a little covered section near the hotel lobby, listening to the palm leaf roof rustle in the slight breeze and watching hummingbirds flit among the flowered bushes.
I’m thinking a paleta sounds really good, hehe. I’ve been eating lots of paletas and wonderful, freshly-made fruit juices. Paletas are a frozen popsicle of sorts made either “con leche” (with milk) or “con agua” (with water). They come in pretty much any fruit you could want, with real chunks of the fruit in it, or in chocolate. Yummy!!!

[prayer requests: as mentioned, a number of people are sick, and a number of us are having trouble with the heat.]

In the evening….
I spent a few hours body surfing. Once I figured out to hold my nose so it didn’t feel like the whole ocean was trying to force its way into my head, I had a blast! The water was so warm I almost got hot playing out there. It was lovely. My knees are complaining at me, since they got scraped up from the sand, but it was worth it!


Kaylee said...

OOOh those paletas sound yummy! And I love bodysurfing! Well, that's when My brother and dad haven't worked me into a slight panic attack looking out for sharks!
Sounds like you're having fun!

purple_kangaroo said...

It was kind of silly of us all to get worried when you hadn't even left the hotel. :)

Shelley said...

Sounds like you're having a great time. I've never really been anywhere, and the furthest "south" I've been is Bangor, Maine!

Those paletas sound really good!