Monday, November 28, 2005


I went to the doctor today. My sister’s been bugging me about my cough, so when I went in for an appointment to get a prescription renewed, I told the doctor I had been coughing up phlegm for three months. So she had me get an x-ray and gave me anti-biotics (just in case) and heartburn stuff (just in case). Just what I need. More anti-biotics.

If I had gone in for the cough in the first place she would have told me it was just allergies and not to worry about it.


Jezreel said...

I hate doctors... I feel for you!

purple_kangaroo said...

I hope it helps! And I'm glad you finally saw a doctor about it anyway. :)

Shelley said...

I hate when they get like that, the doctors I mean...I have to agree with you, that the first time you go in often they seem to dismiss something (unless it is something rather serious) and say "Oh, it's just whatever"...and then say "if that doesn't work come back and well try something else."

I went to the doctor once because I thought I was getting carpal tunnel. I described my symptoms and the doctor (she was new and was filling in for my doctor who was out for a month or so because of a back operation), she told me it sounded more like arthritis and gave me meds to try for that. She said if it doesn't help by the time the samples were done (gave me quite a few because I didn't have benefits at work to cover it) to come in and they would test me for carpal tunnel. Well, I took the pills a couple days and decided on my own that it wasn't arthritis...I knew it wasn't...and it was funny because the day after I stopped the meds, the type of pain and the numbness she said I should have with carpal tunnel actually appeared. I did data entry for 12 years so I knew it was more apt to be carpal tunnel and not arthritis. Anyway I wasn't too impressed. I had to go back to my regular doctor for something else a few months later and he asked about that and I told him I stoped taking the meds cause it wasn't arthritis. He told me to get one of those wrist thingys instead.