Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Today I saw a bird playing cards. Really. He was sitting there in the grass flipping leaves over into a pile. He would reach over and grab a brown leaf and flip it over in front of him, then he would get a yellow one, then… LOL Anyway, I found it amusing. But then, it doesn’t take much to amuse me. :-D

Another thing that amused me was a phone conversation with my three and four year old nieces yesterday. Their language skills improve so much each time I talk to them! First I talked to MM (3). She told me very animatedly all about their new hamster, Puff, and how it was running on its “exercise wheel” (I don’t know why, but somehow hearing a three year old say “exercise wheel” with very precise diction is rather amusing). “Our baby likes watching it!” she told me. I love how MM packs those two words, “our baby”, completely jam-packed full of adoration, pride, and pure delight. Then the phone got passed to four-and-three-quarter years old AJ. “Hello,” she said politely. “My I speak to Grandma for a moment, please?”

Here is an amusing link: The Insanity Test

Ooo, and did you hear about the “ghost” that showed up in a car commercial ad? Some might say it was just mist in the road, but at any rate, if you look closely just as the car comes around the corner something white hovers in front of the car and then follows it. At the very end of the clip you can supposedly hear the photographer whisper about the strange phenomenon.

Can you tell it’s semi-finals week?


Jezreel said...

LOL Little kids are SO cute. Lil' O just started his own desire to talk on the phone to his daddy. It's so cute. He rambles on "dadadadada loddyloddyloddy..."

And I'm not even going to comment on the ghost car...just shake my finger at you!

Wren said...

Hehe...boy, that commercial got to a few people, eh?

Kids are the greatest. I remember my granny saying that my brother was a gentleman and a scholar when he was about 6 years old. I wonder what happened?

purple_kangaroo said...

That's so funny about the bird. I loved your description of the phone conversation with the girls, too!