Thursday, December 01, 2005

Smile, girls!

I think it would be fun to start posting random memories occasionally. So here’s a story my grandma told about my older sisters (Purple Kangaroo and Sis) this Thanksgiving:

“One day when the older girls were quite young, the flowers were blooming out in my front yard and looked so nice. I thought it would be pretty to take a picture of the girls with the flowers in the background. So I called them out and took the camera.

They stood obediently, staring at the camera with somber faces. I waved and smiled at them, trying to get them to smile. Finally I told them, ‘You can pick a flower, if you want.’ I thought, surely that will make them smile. They both swooped down, grabbed a flower, and stood abruptly up again, expressions never changing.

Well, then your mother came out of the house with her camera. The girls posed, just like before--no smiles. She lifted the camera to her face and said, ‘Smile, girls!’

And just like that, they smiled.”

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