Monday, November 07, 2005

Corny Story

One of the resent Faith Writers’ writing challenge topic was “fragrance”. I got this rather cool idea. It was supposed to be a intriguing spy story. Imagine my surprise when it came out on paper (er, screen) as a corny chick flick! LOL Of course I didn’t place--humor is not a writing style I am comfortable with. But I think I did it better than last time I attempted humor, so I’m happy.

Here is the link to my story if you’d like to read it: Hyacinth Spies

As many mentioned in the comments on the end of the story, the setting causes some cognitive dissonance. Any one have any ideas as to a better setting? The problem is that there are only about one in a billion cases in which I would condone jail breaks and all of them are serious religious settings… So this was the only thing I could think of. ;-) But at any rate, it was fun to write!


Jezreel said...

Hey, I think it was an awesome story! No need for any changes, missy!

Wren said...

Well, if there are any changes, make it longer!! These ladies are just too fun to keep to 750 words!