Thursday, November 10, 2005

If I Could Paint

When Evening Comes Of Age

If I could paint, I’d take my brush
And swipe it smooth across the page.
I’d try to show creation’s hush
At dusk when evening comes of age.

I’d dip into the faintest hue
And give the sky a tinge of pink.
Then guide a swath of deepest blue
In which a tiny star would wink.

The grass would be a mossy green
With flowers blooming in delight.
The dancing lake would catch the gleam
Of mountains deepening out of sight.

A bird would soar with silver wing
To touch the clouds the purples hold.
Oh, with my brush I’d make it sing,
Above the valley bathed in gold.

I’d paint a girl with rosy cheek
Who’d kneel beneath a leafy dome.
The setting sun would give a peek
Of her awaited heav’nly home.

If I could paint, I’d show the world
Creation’s blush upon the page,
Her glorious beauty all unfurled
At dusk when evening comes of age.

© 2005 Amy Michelle Wiley

© 2005 Amy Michelle Wiley


Shelley said...

That's really good! Only think on the 3rd last stanza I think it would work with "heavenly home"...

Jamie said...

What a lovely, beautiful painting with words. :)

Wren said...

Amy! That's really good!

Amy said...

Thank you, friends!

Shelley, you're right--I've changed it. Thank you!!!!

Douglas_Coombs said...


That's really good. I'm impressed. Keep writing!


grandmac said...

Nice Amy!!!!
Keep up the good work with your writing. I knew you could do it. :-)

Pup... said...

In this I can see the first sunset blazing across the sky. A vivid landscape of sight and sound all captured in a single heart beat. A Beautiful picture you have painted, little Sparrow, as you reach to the depths of emotion, you rise to new hieghts in poetic verse.. Good job.

. said...

pretty cool! you ought to paint that picture some day.

Sis said...

That's quite good, Amy! You should send it to a publishing house....