Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Plate Floweth Over

My cup floweth over and my plate is too full. :-D

Last week I was busy. Rather. I had bills for our business to finish up, not to mention all the problems that inevitably come up in that busy time that have to be dealt with right then. Then I got a desperate cry from the Faith Writer’s weekly writing challenge’s coordinator, saying they needed me to switch weeks I was judging and do it then. I tried to juggle the office work, a heavy load of school homework, and guide the Chat-A-Book, oh, and of course I had to explore the new FW message board. I’m not very good at juggling my time, anyway.

But I somehow managed to keep all the balls in the air until Tuesday morning, when I found that though I was about 80 articles into the judging, I still had about 90 to go, as well as a good chunk of homework--all to be finished by Wednesday night. I gave a desperate holler to the coordinator and she kindly let me drop the judging ball (thankfully there are enough judges every week that if needed, they can do with one less) and even gave me a cyber hug. *sigh* I hated to do it, but it’s a good thing I did, ‘cause not only would I have not gotten finished, but the FW website’s server was down for a while and I wouldn’t have been able to access the articles I was judging anyway!

So, that’s the full plate part; here’s the floweth over part:

I got my semi-final test results back and I got a B! Especially because I have minor learning problems that makes taking tests difficult, I am very pleased.

Just this week I have had two editors contact me asking permission to use some of my writings! None of them pay, but I am excited. Mind Fields (the short story I posted on here a month ago or so) will appear in next month’s Riders & Reapers ezine, and my poem, When Evening Comes of Age, will be featured on the front page of the Faith Writers site for a week the end of this month.


Douglas_Coombs said...

Congrats on the test and published works. I guess the next challenge for you will be to get $$$ for your words/wit...


B in Portugal said...

I enjoy your writings so much Amy. Most of the books I get at the library are returned because of poor taste or poor writing style. I can't wait for your first book to come out :)Congratulations on your test and getting your writings published.

Wren said...

Yay, Amy!

purple_kangaroo said...

Wow, Amy! You are doing great!