Thursday, June 08, 2006

Busy Girl

Well, it's been a bit longer than normal since I've posted--not because I didn't have anything to post, but because I've been busy. Let's see...quick catch up...

On Friday evening I went to a Deaf night at a coffee house. A man who does cued speech was there, and talked to a few of us for quite some time, explaining about it and demonstrating. Cued speech is not a manual language, like ASL, or a manual form of English, like SEE, but rather it is an aid to lip reading. Only about 20% of English is available to the eye. This makes even the best lip readers forced to rely on a guessing game. Mom, Bob, mop...and so many more are nearly identical on the lips.

Cued speech consists of 8 hand shapes and 3 locations--these, in conjunction with the lip movement, tell the reader exactly what sound is being made. It is very easy to learn, very difficult to master. This man told us that a good cued speech user can cue for any spoken language, even if they do not know it, because they simply show each sound. They can even show different accents.

On Monday evening I went to dinner with my life-long friend, MeMe. We had a lovely time.

Wednesday night I had my final for Deaf Studies. Not too sure how that went. ;-) It was a very helpful class. The first half of the semester we studied Deaf history, and the second half was the laws and rights for the deaf. The whole class had Deaf culture lessons sprinkled liberally in.

Tonight we had our last regular class for my sign language class. I'll really miss the other students, teacher, and the class itself. It was so fun! Now just to finish getting my two poems ready for the final, and then my school will be over for the summer. It seems so odd. LOL


Wren said...

Bet you don't know what to do with all that extra time, eh?

I tagged you with a meme.

purple_kangaroo said...

Wow, you are busy.

MommyHAM said...

I've been busy lately too - so much for summer "vacation" eh?

Trying to keep the blog current is difficult, 'specially when the pc is upstairs in our non-airconditioned home during a record breaking heat wave here in CO!

cuetome said...

What will you be able to do with a degree in Deaf Studies? Is it a BS or an MS? Just curious.

Amy said...

Hi Cuetome. Welcome to my blog. :-)

I'll be getting an Associates Degree in American Sign Language Interpreting. So I'll be able to get jobs interpreting either as a freelancer, signed up through the area's registry, or in a school.