Thursday, June 29, 2006

A to Z about Me

(OK Deb, this is for you. Now it's your turn. ;-) )

Accent: Most of the time none, but every once in a while I say things with my own peculiar accent. And if someone else is talking near me with an accent I honestly have to work really hard not to pick it up.
Best personality trait: Friendliness
Chore I hate: um…all of them? Lol
Dad's name: Lynn. He was supposed to be Linda.
Essential make-up/skin care products: Foundation and lipstick--I have acne and rosacea
Favorite perfume/cologne: I’m allergic and can only handle natural vanilla or a plain fruit
Gold or silver?: Silver.
Hometown: a town in the lovely Pacific Northwest
Interesting fact: Hobo (aka Brown Recluse) spider is the only poisonous spider in the Northw--What? Oh, you mean a fact about me? Hmmm, well, I have 20/20 vision in one eye and 20/200 in the other.
Job title: bookkeeper
Kids: N/A
Living arrangements: Live with my parents in the country, surrounded by hay fields, horses, and cows.
Mom's birthplace: same town as me.
Number of apples eaten in the last week: hmmm, three or so, I think
Overnight hospital stays: A couple of times I’ve stayed with my mom after one of her surgeries…never for myself, though.
Phobia: a tad of germphobia…but it’s better. J
Question you ask yourself a lot: Why am I doing this when I’m supposed to be doing that?
Religion: Evangelical Christian
Siblings: two older sisters, one brother-in-law
Time I wake up: 7 or 7:30
Unnatural hair color: I’ve never died my hair. It’s plain brown right now…was white-blond until I was about seven.
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: lima beans, Brussels sprouts, and the stuff I’m allergic to.
Worst habit: see Q…
X-rays?: yeah, when I had a chronic cough. Somehow they never did one when I was having severe back pain and they determined I had scoliosis.
Yummy food I make: soup…any kind
Zaniest thing about you: Is there anything that isn’t zany about me?


Debboggy said...

Heheh, I already knew your interesting fact. :P

So were you saying I need to do the same list for myself now?

Venice said...

Thanks for sharing, Amy.
I enjoy checking in with your blog, as well as so many others, that I finally made one, myself.

You have tons of talent, but most importantly, you love the Lord & it shines through in all you do. God bless you as you put together, "Peculiar People"...I know you'll do an awesome job!

purple_kangaroo said...

"surrounded by hay fields, horses, and cows"

And an airstrip. You can't forget the airstip. It makes things a little less quiet. :)