Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Truth. Like Hammer

I recently got asked to be a part of a new website called Truth. Like Hammer. Over the last few weeks we have been writing articles, getting the site set up, and figuring out logistics. Today when I got online later than usual I found a message board thread full of “We’re ready to go on T.LH, where’s Amy?” “What happened to Amy?” LOL

So, here I am at last!

First of all, the press release:

The Western church is dying. Slowly but surely, it is being overcome by false prophets and supposed spiritual gurus spouting promises of walking in divine blessing, happiness, and health. Despite the overwhelming acceptance of feel-good lies, there is still a flicker of light.

As stated on their website, the goal of Truth. Like Hammer is clear: To stand against the flow of cultures and social movements firmly planted in the unchanging message of Christ. We accept this mission proudly.

Charles H. Spurgeon once said, "If the Lord does not speedily appear, there will come another generation, and another, and all these generations will be tainted and injured if we are not faithful to God and to His truth today."

Truth. Like Hammer was founded in 2006 by Joshua Wood of and is co-authored by Jezreel Cohen, and Amy Michelle Wiley. The site offers a range of articles, blog entries, a discussion forum, and advice pertaining to the Truth of the Gospel.

Please check out Truth. Like Hammer. Read, learn, get involved, stand strong with us. Anyone may submit articles to T.LH--they will be reviewed by the board, and then you will be notified if it is accepted or not.

Fell free to pass on the word to others! I’m excited about this, and feel it an real honor to have been asked to be a part.


Mark Congdon said...

Hey, that's a pretty fascinating Statement of Faith you've got on there! "Sorry, this module isn't active". Is it code? Maybe if I read it backwards... nope, that doesn't help. Maybe it's an anagram... let's see... "Sin Avoiders Hemolytic Trust". That sounds sort of like "We avoid sin and trust in the shed blood", eh? Maybe that's the secret code.



Amy said...

Ooops! Secret code is: "Check soon for full statement of faith." LOL