Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Knock at a Door

Yesterday I knocked on a door. Now I wait about a month to see whether God throws the door open, or shuts it. Yesterday I took an entrance interview for the sign language interpreter’s program at my community college.

For the test I watched a video of someone signing a question, then I stood up and signed my answer into a video camera. There were a number of questions, then I saw a story in ASL and wrote it in English by memory, as well as a few other things.

I’m not sure how I did. I can think of all sorts of things I could have done better, of course. The fact that there are at least sixty people interviewing and only twenty-five allowed in, makes me a bit more anxious than I would be otherwise.

I found out that as of the beginning of this week, there are still sixteen (out of forty total) openings in an interpreter program in a school about four hours from me. So I’m going to apply to that one, as well, just to have more options open.

I’m looking forward to seeing what God has planned.


Beckie said...

I'm sure God will show you the place He has for you. Keep knocking, asking and seeking. Have a blessed weekend.

Jezreel said...

Good stuff. I wish God would either shut some doors or some windows around here... I'm getting cold.

B in Portugal said...

I'll be praying for you. I look forward to seeing what God has for you.