Sunday, May 21, 2006

ASL Forever

Tonight I attended a Deaf event called ASL Forever. It was so fun!! Six actors (including one of my professors) performed short skits, poems, mime, improv, comedy and many other things. It was so funny to see my professor hopping around the stage imitating a five-year-old girl. LOL

One of my favorite parts was when they turned black lights on and did a special scene with white gloves, making flowers and a butterfly. I wish I had brought a camera.

I think my favorite line in the whole thing came during one of the improv skits. A volunteer member of the audience suggested that they do “Going up to Heaven”. So two actors swirled their hands for clouds, two stretched their arms out for the gates to heaven, and my professor stood behind them as ‘God’. As the gates opened and the volunteer fell to his knees ‘God’ said to him, “What’s up?”

There were quite a few people there I knew--students from my classes, teachers, people I’d met at other events… But imagine my surprise when I looked behind me and saw a girl I met last summer in Tennessee! LOL She lives in a town about four hours north of me, and is going through an interpreter’s program at a school a few hours south of me. We met at The Bill Rice Ranch--a Christian Deaf ministry.

It was really great to have no voice interpretation. I understood most everything, except parts of one skit. ASL Forever is an annual event. I sure hope I can go next year!


Jezreel said...

Sounds cool! There isn't a lot in this area for deaf people... maybe you could move here as part of your ministry when you get your interpreters license... ;) Oh and bring Lauren with you of course. :)

Chelle Y. said...

That would be a cool event to attend.

My teens in my church use to go to the Bill Rice Ranch for years (not the deaf camp)! I never was able to go because I was a little girl, but always wanted to.

I really need to get back into signing. I miss it. Last night I went to a Children's Program at a local church and they signed one of the songs, "Make Me a Servant." It was so beautiful watching about 60 children signing. It made me cry.

I am jealous of you! :o)