Monday, July 21, 2008

My Mountain

Laury lovingly teased Mari and I for how we talk in possessives about our beloved Northwest. I can see "my mountain" (Mt. St. Helens) from my bedroom window, and I cherish being surrounded by "my foothills." The last Sunday Laury was here the four of us--Laury, Marita, SisJ, and I--drove up to Mt. St. Helens.

We didn't make it all the way up to the Johnston Observatory, which is the place with the best view and the cool seismograph, plus videos and info stuff about the 1980 eruption. But we did go to a lower observatory and saw some cool stuff like a chart that explained how the eruption forced the sound waves so high up that there was miles and miles of a "silent zone" around the mountain before the sound waves came back down as far away as Seattle. We got a pretty good view of my mountain, too, though there wasn't much pretty snow left on it.

We asked someone to take a pic of all four of us, but it was a teen boy and he half-heartedly snapped on picture and handed the camera back. Not surprisingly, that picture didn't turn out, so you'll just have to imagine Marita in this picture. ;-)


Jules said...

From my workplace (and many vantage points around town including the roof of our house apparently) we can see 'our' mountain. It's 'ours' even though none of us are native to this area but there's just something about it that impresses us every time we see it and makes us feel that we're home.

Be proud of your roots - the physical landmarks and your spiritual heritage - they've helped make you who you are and those that know you wouldn't want you any other way.

Joanne Sher said...

I love the pictures you're sharing - and I CAN see Mari there next to you. I love how possessive you are of "your mountain" - I would be too :) Beautiful.

Josh said...

Awesome picture! I love pictures of mountains. I'd like to visit Mount St. Helens someday. Looks like a totally cool mountain (in both a literal and figurative sense. LOL)