Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happily Ever After

The production went awesomely today. Everything just fell together and all the students did the best they’ve done so far, with very few glitches. I was so proud of them! It went great for us voice actors, too. I definitely want to volunteer again next year if I can.

It was funny, as the dress rehearsals started this morning, I couldn’t find my notebook with my scripts anywhere. I ran to my “boss’s” office and checked there, and then ran across campus to check my car. I was half-way there when I remembered it wasn’t my car--I’d carpooled with a friend. So I slipped back in the auditorium and got her keys and ran back to the parking lot. That is, almost to the parking lot. The campus gate was still locked and I couldn’t get out! So yes, I hurry back, again, and found a teacher who loaned me her key card and went back to the car. No notebook. I must have left it in my car and forgot to transfer it to my friend’s.

I decided I could get along without my script and could peek over a teammate’s shoulder if I needed to. (we each were three or four characters in each play, so we can’t completely memorize the lines in the four days we had). Since I knew my lines pretty well I discovered it actually went better without my notes. Then I could just concentrate on following the actors and their ad libbing, etc, and juggling the mic at the right times.

Naturally, right before the actual presentation, my friend found my notebook--in the office where I’d looked first. *rolls eyes* Oh well, it ended up being for the best. :-p

In between each of the five skits, some of the high school students decided to tell stories so the audience didn't have to just sit there waiting for the props to be set up. It was kinda last minute--they decided the day before the production, but thankfully we on the voicing team got the chance to practice with them. The story I was voicing for was a classic Deaf joke I knew, so that made it easier.

As my friend and I were driving to the school this morning, I was practicing telling her the story. I'm infamously behind the times on current slang, but I felt like the casual story needed some slang for "he started speeding." I tried, "he was going along at a pretty good clip." My friend looked at me. "Amy, no one says that." I protested, "I do." She laughed. Everything I came up with met the same reaction. In the end, I just said, "he started speeding." LOL

We got some pictures of our voicing team, but I forgot to ask permission to post one here. Sorry. I looked at the picture and shook my head. "I look awfully young today." Everyone looked at me. "Today? You always look young." Yeah, yeah. I looked about the same age as the teenager student that was on our voicing team. I'm in my mid twenties and (I'm not exagerating), people ask me what grade of high school I'm in all the time. Oh well, I know it'll be handy later, but it'll be nice when I at least stop looking like a teen. ;-)

This evening I was hosting the monthly Homeschool Alumni NW game night. I ended up getting home late and the first guests had already arrived. Good thing my family was home to let them in! We had a great time at the game night and I even managed to be more or less alert despite my busy week. After some English Country Dancing on our driveway, hehe, we played Dutch Blitz with a twist! Since it was a large crowd, we were playing three different games of it. So someone suggested we play it like Bunco--with the losers and winners moving up or down a table each round. That was cool!


Joanne Sher said...

May I say this sounds SO like you? (giggle) Your "young" thing reminds me of something that happened to a friend of mine. When I was doing my student teaching (I was 22, along with, I think, most of my classmates), one of my fellow student teachers, during her first week in the class, had misplaced a pen or pencil or something like that. She couldn't find one to use anywhere, so she decided to go to the teacher next door to ask to borrow one. Well, the teacher had apparently had problems with students not getting her pens back to her, so she asked my student teacher friend to "sign it out" from her. My friend signed "Miss Smith" (or whatever her last name was). The teacher didn't stop apologizing for a good week, from what we heard! LOL
Anyhow, this is your blog, not mine, so I'll be quiet - but I am SO glad you had this experience and hope you have many more opportunities to do things like this in the future!

Kristen Schiffman said...

Amy- Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comments. Laury holds a special place in my heart...she is the sweetest woman around.

I will be back to read more of your posts!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!

Becky/Kiddo here.

Thought I would leave you a message and say Hi.


purple_kangaroo said...

Sounds like it went great! And that notebook thing totally sounds like something I would do.

Sometime in the last few years I stopped looking younger than my years and started looking older than my age. There's even a note in my charts where one of my doctors wrote, "appears much older than stated age" or something like that.