Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Last night a local church held their women’s small group at Chrissy’s house. A couple of women at that church found out that Chrissy was pretty much housebound from a friend of a friend of a friend who contacted a woman in that church who contacted the leader of this small group. She’s been to visit a couple of times and brought the small group over so Chrissy and I could attend.

What a blessing! It’s been a few years since I’ve been involved in a Bible study group and I’d forgotten how wonderful it is. The eclectic group of ladies were very open and very real. We worshiped a little and then the leader brought us into a discussion of how we have no condemnation in Christ, and how important it is to not waste our time beating ourselves up for this or that which we didn’t do or shouldn’t have done. Instead, we need to simply ask for forgiveness and move on in God’s grace. The discussion moved on to our focus in life--how we should be living for eternity rather than this lifetime on this world. Everything we do here should be preparing for eternity.

These ladies are going to jump in and help Chrissy after I leave. The day after I fly home, Norm is going to have to leave for TWO weeks, yikes. He got a promotion to Commanding Officer in the military, which is a great honor, but is required to have this two week training time in another city. We were quite worried about Chrissy being alone, but God is working things out. Another friend of Chrissy’s is going to make up a bunch of meals she’ll just be able to grab from the freezer and heat up, so with the Bible study ladies popping in to check on her, she should be okay.

Today Chrissy and I got to meet another FaithWriter friend for lunch. Chrissy had met Karen E. before, but it was my first time. It was a lovely lunch, and so nice to spend time in real life with our friend.Yesterday I came down with a cold. Thankfully it’s not a terribly bad one, but still enough to make me want to be sleeping a bit more than usual. Between that, getting ready for the Bible study, and everything else, I got a little behind on dishes. Norm was out of town, so I was juggling dinner and hand-washing the rest of the dishes. Chrissy and Norm’s son, Ken, comes on Wednesday nights and he got off work early today. He jumped right in and helped with dinner and the dishes. It was so nice and now we’re all caught up.

Well, I’m actually letting myself write a story for the FW challenge this week, so I better go back to it and then get to bed. G’night, mates!

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