Thursday, January 19, 2006

Signing Class

Last night I had my second sign language class of this semester. Last semester there were thirty students in the class. This semester there are ten. It’s nice having fewer, though. Not only can I see better (direct vision of the teacher is, obviously, a must for a signing class), but I already know the names of everyone in class.

We have triple the load of homework this semester! When I got the schedule I saw that we have a quiz on the day I will miss class for our family reunion in Mexico. The papers said that the only way students could do make-ups for quizzes was for an emergency like a funeral. So it looked like I would have to stay home. L Well, I emailed the teacher just to check, and she said she would be willing to work with me so that I could go! That is very kind of her, especially since a signing test isn’t just a written test that can be easy to make up.

Last night in class we were working on describing objects using classifiers. It struck me as particularly funny that we were all unconsciously doing sound effects… Like when describing an air pump, “Puuuugh”. LOL

My new carpool friend from class seems very nice. She is also a Christian and was home schooled for part of her schooling. I actually got to listen to Christian music on the way to class (last week I was stuck with rock love songs…). She had on a CD by a group of four young men who sing a capella. They are great! They even do sound effects so it nearly sounds like they have a drum and keyboard.


Shelley said...

So glad your teacher is going to work with you so you can go to your family reunion. That is very nice of her.

purple_kangaroo said...

I'm so glad you get to come to Mexico with us.

Was the a capella music group Rescue? They are great! Mark went to high school and sang in the choir with them, you know. We're big fans of Rescue--you've probably heard their music at our house sometime, too. :)

Douglas_Coombs said...

What was the name of the group? Was it Acappella or GLAD or some other group? I was a big fan of both when I was in high school. Lately, I've broadened my listening to take in more world-beat (Ladysmith Black Mambazo) and liturgical chant too. There's just something really special about the unadulterated human voice.

I'm glad you can make up the quiz. Even if the teacher didn't allow it, though, one could just go and take the hit in grade. There's always the option to convert the class to audit as well. I had a prof who extended my final project deadline by one day so I could go to the NCAA soccer finals the weekend before it was due. Most profs tend to be pretty understanding about "life" events and just put severe verbage in there so people don't blow it off or sleep in and expect to make it up.


Amy said...

I think the music group was Rescue, but I don't remember for sure. I'll have to check.

Doug, unfortunatly signing classes cannot be audited, and because I want to be an interpreter I would need the grade anyway... But thankfully it won't be an issue anyway. :-)

Douglas_Coombs said...

Rescue is an album by the group Acappella. I used to have that tape and bring it to work when I worked for your papa. Mike liked the group so much, I gave him a couple of their tapes when I left to return to school.


D. Allen Jenkins said...


Hi, this is Doug, a new member at I was leafing through some posts there and decided I would check out your web page link. I've enjoyed reading your blogs from the last few days.

One FYI, that you might want to take note of; the title should be Signing Class, not Singing. Thanks for sharing!


Amy said...

Welcome, Doug! And thanks for pointing out my typo. :-)