Saturday, January 28, 2006

More Memories...

Part 2: More from my diary.

Saturday (28th, 2001),
Sis and I started our day at 4:00 a.m. We all got to pray together before Mom was wheeled out for surgery. Mom was still in high spirits when they had her go from her bed to the stretcher-thing. After she was situated a nurse plopped a cardboard box on the bed beside Mom’s legs. “Here you go! Bond!”

We all looked with surprise. The box was marked ‘right kidney’. The nurse grinned. “A lot of patients name it.” Inwardly I rolled my eyes. Name it what? Suzy?

But Mom announced, “I’ll name it Fast Working.” Well, that was a pretty good name.

“Okay,” the nurse agreed. “We’ll call it FW.”

Mom’s surgery started at about 9:00 and finished at about 12:30. The doctor said that everything went well and that the kidney started working even in the operating room! Sometimes a kidney will go into shock from being in ice and will not start working for several days or weeks, so this is so neat! Poor FW was probably in there going, “Yuck! This place is filthy!”

Once when an older lady was walking by with her husband to return to her room just past Mom’s, I smiled at her and said, “Hello!” I expected her to be to tired to respond, but her face broke out in a huge grin and she told me, “I needed that smile! I was just wondering if I was going to make it [back to my room].” That was fun. I’ve gotten to talk to her a couple of times. It sounds like they are Christians too, because of how she has responded to comments I’ve made about prayer.

Sunday (29th),
Mom was awake and cheerful when Sis and I finally got there. Allen and Mary had come that morning. Mary was crying. She said that on Friday she was praying really hard specifically for a kidney for Mom. That would have been while the doctors were checking out the kidney’s tissue to see who was the best match. My cousin had been especially burdened to pray for Mom last week, too. It has been awesome to hear how so many people had been praying even harder than usual for Mom this week!


Jezreel said...

Going to sign my card right away, Amy! Praise God for his hand in all of that! Interesting that they called it "FW", eh? hehe

Jezreel said...

Oh, and BTW - the post that was edited wasn't worth reading. Just wait until I'm done the new one - much better and much more edifying to the church body as a whole. Love ya and miss ya as always!

Wren said...

Amy, you have such a gift. I was right there with you as you talked about your Mom's kidney, and I cried with you when you all got the news. Thank you for this!

B in Portugal said...

Thank you Amy for reminding us of this day. I still remember comming to your house for the baby shower and hearing the news. The baby shower turned into a prayer vigil for you mother. Praise God for such wonderful timing to bring people together and pray! What a miracle to hear that your mom is doing well! And yes, everyone in our family is a strong supporter of organ donation. How could we not after seeing the miracle taking place in your mother's life.

Sarah said...

Wow, that is awsome! I'm glad FW started to clean house immediatly! Happy Anniversary to your mom!