Tuesday, January 03, 2006

If I had $1,000

This weekend Dad was going through some papers and found some old notes of my sisters and I. Apparently at some point we each made a list of what we would buy if we had one thousand dollars. Since we were quite young they are pretty funny.

AJ generously put down a large gift for each of us before choosing one for herself and leaving some money for savings. Sis's was the funniest, with a huge list of things all crossed out, leaving just one thing and a note to put the rest in the bank.

As for mine, well, here it is. The nice handwriting is AJ's. ;-)

Translation: I would buy three horses, some groceries, an Indian doll, an aquarium, some hay, a piece of property with a barn....And put the rest in the bank.

The Indian doll mentioned is one thing on that list I did eventually buy. My great-aunt hand-crafted beautiful dolls the size and weight of a sixteen month old baby. Some of them, like the one I have, were Native American.

I must say, though, my favorite part of this list is where AJ estimates the cost... ;-) BTW, AJ, I want to know where I can get three horses and property with a barn for less than $5,000!


Jezreel said...

LOL That is so cute! I have tonnes of things like that saved up. My grandma has most of 'em but I have a few, I'll see if I can get some of it scanned for y'all.


purple_kangaroo said...

Well, there is inflation . . .

Maybe I left the property and the barn out of the calculations?

I'll have to scan mine too . . . will Sis let you scan and post hers if you (or I) photoshop out the name(s)?

Shelley said...

LOL that's so cute Amy!

Wren said...

How cute! Even though you told me about aquarium beforehand, I still didn't get it! Hm...my bad! lol

Douglas_Coombs said...

So, what would you do with the $1000 today. Throw in inflation if you want.