Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!!

I stand tall at the brink of a brand new year
Full of excitement and just a little fear
I turn from the past with a bit of a sigh
Take God’s hand and look the future in the eye

I step in faith, though I don’t know what it holds
I’m just betting this year will break all the molds
We will take on the world and change it for good
I’ll burn my light bright, not hide under a hood

I quiver with excitement and look ahead
This year will be better than anything said
Right from the start to the end of December
This will be a year that we will remember

I stand tall at the brink of a brand new year
Maybe I’ll travel, or perhaps I’ll stay near
It’s farewell to the old, we must say goodbye
Take God’s hand and look the future in the eye

Well, the new year came in with a storm. Literally. A wind and rain storm and now we have no electricity... So much for my plan of spending most of the day writing and such on my computer. I have about two precious hours of my laptop bettery and then... LOL It amazes me how many time I have tried to flip on a light in just the few hours the electricity is off, hehe.

Well, besides what I mentioned in my last post, I just have two New Years' resolutions. But the first one encompasses many things. :-)

1. Be responsible about getting a good schedual and sticking to it.

2. Get a book written and into a publisher.

I pray that the Lord may bless each of you with a year walking close to His side. Happy 2006!


purple_kangaroo said...

Hi Amy! Did you get electricity back fairly quickly? I hope so.

Happy New Year!

Amy said...

Our electricity was off for about three hours. Not bad. :-)

Jezreel said...

I hate it when the power is off. I have to use dial up. :(

Those are some good resolutions. Mine are:

to keep my house clean
to become more organized
to write a novel and submit it to different publishers

Shelley said...

Glad your power wasn't off really all that long!

I don't have resolutions for the year...I always break them so I don't bother with them any more.