Saturday, December 24, 2005

Family Time

I can tell Sis is home from college. When I climbed out of bed today the dishwasher was running. When I climbed out of the shower I could smell fudge cooking! Yum!

My family has been having a lot of fun evenings lately. We've been singing together, remembering old stories, and watching movies. I'm realizing how fast time is going... Sis will be going back to college in a couple of weeks and then we won't see her until July.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your families, whether they be blood relatives or family in Christ, or both. Cherish the time together. God bless.


Wren said...

Call me!!!!!

Shelley said...

Hope you had a great Chrismas Sparrow!!

Jezreel said...

Ya, call me too! Heheh I'm kidding. The hubby wouldn't like that much.

Uhhhh... oh ya, I remember what I was gonna say now.

When it said you were singing together I thought it said sinning together and I was like "BAD AMY!" ROFL

Douglas_Coombs said...

Boy, you make yourself sound like such a slacker compared to J. :-)

purple_kangaroo said...

I wish we weren't sick so I could be there too.

Hey, I wonder what non-chocolate fudge made with rice milk would taste like?