Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Good Weekend...

This weekend I’ve been cramming for my final sign language test and stressing a bit over that, and didn’t even have time to do a challenge story, but you know what? I had a great weekend! I’ve been in an especially happy mood the last couple of days--I guess just enjoying my family and friends and writing and signing. I got to do all of that this weekend.

On Friday I planned a cyber party for our Faith Writer group. We met in the chat room and had a lot of fun. People popped in and out for over four hours!

On Saturday my family went to see The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe with Lauren and some of her family and a whole group of friends. It was great! The movie followed the book remarkably well. The beginning surprised me by starting off with scenes from WWII--setting the scene nicely. It was so fun watching it with three rows of people we knew! One scene was startling and I actually yelled out-loud. Lauren’s like, “Are you okay?” He he he.

On Sunday a friend of mine from sign language came over to study with me for the test. We got kinda overwhelmed at what we were having trouble with…lol But got some good study in too… Numbers are really throwing me… It takes me too long for what I’m seeing to register in my brain as the said number and by then I’ve lost the next four numbers! Wednesday is our final test, so we would love prayer.

Then on Sunday evening my sister and brother-in-law dropped off my oldest two nieces while they went to Narnia. We had fun reading and reading and reading some more to them! LOL

On Monday I got notice that the last week’s writing challenge entry had gotten first place. This is my tenth short story to be published. This week is the end of an era for me… Not only is it the last class of the semester, but this was the first week I didn’t get a challenge story in (besides between quarters and when I was judging) since April. I have decided to concentrate on my other writing and not necessarily enter a challenge story every week. It has helped my writing tremendously, and now it is time to work on some of my longer writing. I’m excited to see what comes of it.


Jezreel said...

Rock on, Amy! Prayin' for your test today!

purple_kangaroo said...

Sounds like you're doing great, Amy! Congrats on the new win, and it sounds like you have some good plans. I hope your other sign language final goes better.

Thanks for helping watch the girls the other night! They had fun.

Shelley said...

I read your story this week and it was amazing! I wanna write like you! I thought my story was pretty good, but it didn't even place in the top 30 so I guess it wasn't that good LOL.

Anyway, can always use tips and hints and whatever to help us...I suppose I just needed to not write it when I felt so rushed (with school and exams and such). I think that could be part of the problem. That and there were a TON of great stories this week (as usual).

Congrats to you on your well deserved win!

Hope your final in sign language went well!! It's now Thursday and I am only reading this so I didn't get a chance to pray. I've got an exam tomorrow myself that I need to get back to studying. God bless!