Friday, October 14, 2005

The Saga of the Black Stray, segment three: The Trap

With the stray black cat taking over the garage and terrorizing our own cats (not to mention eating all the food), my sister and I began to make a plan to rid ourselves of him. We mentioned BB guns, but of course we would never really be cruel.

So we hatched a wondrous and really quite simple plan. First, I called our neighbors to make sure Bagera was not theirs. Then we set an animal carrying case right outside the cat door. A series of signals was set up. And then we waited.

Finally we heard the first signal--a cat fight in the garage. I gave the second signal--a yell for my sister. She rushed out the back door and around to the cat door. I waited to give her enough time to press the carrying case firmly against the opening, and then I ran into the garage. It worked marvelously. Bagera plunged through the flap and into the case with a dreadful thud (poor cat).

“Do you have him?!” I cried through the door.

“Yes!” she cried, thrilled. But then our plan went awry. My sister had figured on the cat being just a little stunned, especially if she suddenly flipped the case up, dumping the cat to the bottom so she could slam the door shut. She figured wrong. Bagera was not stunned. He was terrified.

I opened the garage door to find not a cat neatly trapped inside a carrying case, ready to be taken to the Human Society, but a bewildered sister with an open case and no sign whatsoever of the cat. I took stock of the situation. “What? You didn’t want you loose all your fingers?”

We modified our plan, covering every inch of the carrying case’s wire door with cardboard so no flying claws could reach through. But, we never got a chance to use it, for though the plan failed, the intention worked--Bagera disappeared.

Stay tuned for more enstalments of The Saga of the Black Stray

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brandi said...

LOL Sounds like quite a caper (?) Amy!