Monday, October 10, 2005

Amy needs

Ok, here is another funny meme. You Google your name or pseudonym and the word “needs”. Most of these didn’t end up with the word “needs” in it, but they are funny!

It's Really ANN NASH not AMY,
(oh, and here I’ve been thinking I was Amy all my life!)

Amy needs a new pair of shoes...
(actually, I do… I only have sandals for dress shoes and in Washington state in the winter…?)

Amy… will now be on television throughout Southern Oregon
(wow, cool!!)

Amy needs to either wake up or start getting some extra will-power.
(hmm, actually, that's true…)

Amy is a sweet 8-year-old flat-coated retriever and German shepherd mix.
(what, first I’m not really Amy and now I’m a dog?!!)

Maybe what Amy needs to do is to make up to her fans
(I have fans? Cool!! I’ll be glad to make up with them. What did I do?)

Amy needs a drug-dealer's testimony to free a teenager wrongfully accused of murder.
(whoa, nothing like putting the pressure on!)

Grounded sparrow -- needs a pin?
(Right! Wait--what again?)


Shelley said...

LOL! My funny names are on Purple Kangaroo's site...they weren't as funny as yours or others have listed though.

Brandi said...

Turns out I'm a very popular dog with various health conditions and in need of a home.

purple_kangaroo said...