Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cursive Fingerspelling

Today I learned to make names dance,
To swing them together, the signs enhance.
No longer is it H-O-L-L-Y,
But now through the air my letters fly.
Swooping, lilting, oh-so-smooth,
I think I'm getting in the groove!

I’ve been told in the past to learn to read finger spelling as a word, not as letters, and I think I have begun to make progress on that. But today in class was the first time I really thought about making it a word rather than letters when I am finger spelling. Our teacher was spelling names for us to practice reading and he showed us how to “write” the word in the air, rather than just give each of the letters. It seemed to me rather like cursive finger spelling! I thought that the name Holly was particularly pretty in sign.

Hehe, today in class there was this one sign that I could not for the life of my figure out! The teacher spent quite a bit of time trying to explain it to me--something about going out to dinner with your sweetheart, about something smelling, about a bathroom!?? Finally I figured it out--candle! LOL I think I have a mind block on that sign, because now that I think about it I can remember a different teacher spending some time trying to explain that same sign about a year ago. I think I’ve finally got it now!


Brandi said...

Hebrew is kind of the same, I suppose. The crazy thing is, in Hebrew, one word could mean 20 different things!

purple_kangaroo said...

That story about the candle word made me chuckle out loud.