Wednesday, October 05, 2005


My sister's blog, Purple Puzzle Place, has tagged me with a meme, a group of questions that gets passed around from one blog to another.

Things I want to do before I die:

Personally lead at least one person to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Publish a number of books.
Become a sign language interpreter.
Get married.
Have a lot of children.
See a few other continents. I’d especially like to see Ireland or somewhere in that part of the world and Australia or New Zealand.
Learn Spanish.

Things I can do:

Talk (and talk, and talk)
Do dramatic readings (even when I’m reading to my nieces I try to do all the voices)
Interrupt people while they’re talking
Laugh at myself
Come up with creative ideas
Do a loop, sal chow, and lutz figure skating jump (when I was skating I could almost do a double sal chow)

Things I cannot do:

Play a tuba (I don’t have enough air!)
Go a whole day without singing
Drive a car by myself (I don’t have my driver’s license quite yet)
Kiss (I’m saving it for my wedding)
Sit on the floor with my legs straight out in front of me (my tight hamstrings and crooked back just don’t let me bend that way)
Properly land an axel figure skating jump
Use an electric screwdriver with no trouble (I always end up stripping the screw when it’s halfway in and then it won’t go in or out!)
Eat potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, or wheat (allergic)

My Daydream

I added this question and I’ll explain a little. I think everyone occasionally indulges in a fun daydream that couldn’t possibly come true. You know, like a little girl imagining a movie director sees her walking through a store and stops her, “You would be perfect for the lead role in a movie I am doing. Why don’t you come by and audition. Oh, and is this your best friend? I’ll bet I can find a place for her, too!” LOL

So here is my current day dream:
That some well-respected editor or political person would read some of my writing (like A Child’s Shoe or Among Lions {based on a true story about an Ethiopian girl}) and ask me to go to Iraq or somewhere like that to write a book, showing the truth of how our soldiers are helping the people there.

Things that attract me to my husband:

Sorry, I don’t have a husband.

Celebrity crushes I've had in the past:

Never had a celebrity crush. But I do like the actors Rick Peters (have to love his accent and dimple) and Yannick Bisson (Sue Thomas FBEye)

People I want to do this next:

Easy question. All of you! I’ll list a few, though.

Lauren B.


purple_kangaroo said...

I really enjoyed reading this, Amy! Thanks for doing it.

My daydream is that someone would read something I've written or hear me talk, and ask me to be their featured speaker at their next women's retreat or convention. :)

BTW, your links at the bottom (for the blogs you're tagging) aren't working right.

Brandi said...

You're a bum Amy LOL But that's okay. I like these things!

Debbie said...

Amy, This is so neat. I have some similar to do's as you.. Like your dreams too...

Debbie said...

Amy thanks for the meme. I will try and add it to my blog and thanks for your posts on my blog

Yes I love FW.. Everyone is really nice and it's neat to hear everyone's trials and successes in the group. I want to check out the ebooks sometime.. Better go.. Look forward to chatting with you..

PS do you IM

Wren said...

Ok, Amy. I'll do it. Look for it, ok?