Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A2Z Take 2: Craft Pretties

I had a more elaborate idea for my "C" post but didn't end up having time since I'm still focusing on my novel revisions, so I decided to just post some pictures of some of the crafts I've done. I used to do a lot more crafting, but now I'm spending more of my time writing and my increased pain makes some things hard. But I did a lot of embroidery this fall.

Here are a couple greeting cards I designed and made:

I used to be constantly crocheting, mostly baby blankets.

This one was really fuzzy and extra-soft!

close-up of the white squares

And here are some drink coasters I made for holiday gifts this last year. I did the embroidery and then sewed felt on the backs.

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Joanne Sher said...

Not only are these Crafts, but they're Cards, Crocheting, and Coasters. You're ALL about "c" LOL. Really like the card with the horse. Nice post, Amy!

Yvonne Blake said...

Very nice, Amy! I love your crocheted blankets!

Jay said...

Very nice! Lighthouse coasters are nest.

Marji Laine - Faith-Driven Suspense said...

Beautiful! Especially love the fuzzy baby blanket!

Sandy Wells said...

Your work is beautiful Amy. I loved your crochet work, but I especially love your greeting card with the horse. It had such a free spirit.

Shelley Ledfors said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL, Amy! Your talents definitely extend beyond your wonderful writing! Thanks for sharing these!

Niki Turner said...

Those are all wonderful expressions of heart and talent!
I have more craft "fails" than successes, but I keep on keeping on... Someday I might share some of them!

Barbara Lynn Culler said...

Wow! You are talented in many areas! YAY for you!

Diana Brandmeyer said...

wow you hit a lot of 'Cs'!