Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Five hour doctor appointment?!

Today I went to visit my naturopath. His office is an hour drive, with good traffic, and I had two different hour-long visits. One with the doctor and one for testing on a Mora machine. Good news! My organs are doing very well and my health seems to be stable, even though I haven't been going in for doctor visits very often. I still have a bit of an inflammation in my gut, but it is significantly better.

Today has been crazy, though! Before I left for the Dr I was rushing around madly in our home office (my dad in a general contractor--he develops land and builds new homes). My birthday this month knocked me over the age limit to be listed as a dependent for our health insurance and I have been so busy in the office, so I left our insurance bill to the last possible days so I could figure out what needed to be done. Of course, that was a mistake. :-) But I think I have it pretty much figured out now...I hope.

In the car on the way back from the doctor I was able to use my nifty new laptop to edit a friend's story that she is entering in a weekly writing contest at FaithWriters.com. We are exchanging stories so now that I am home I need to send her my story. Each week FaithWriters (FW) gives a topic for their weekly challenge and we have a week to write an article between 150 and 750 words. I am getting really good at cutting my story down! haha, I usually write a rough draft that is at least 1,000 words. I always feel like I am cutting major organs out of my story and I wonder if it has managed to live. This week I think it is partially dead. :-) Maybe my friend, Red Baron, can help me put some life back in it. After all, I have two extra words to use!



purple_kangaroo said...

Good news that you are doing better healthwise! What is a Mora machine?

Douglas_Coombs said...

It sounds like a Star Trek transporter than connects people to New Mexico.

Debrand said...

Great start Amy!

Jess411 said...

Hey Amy! It's Jess. You've got a great start. You can check out my blog at theroamingpossum.blogspot.com

Shelley said...

Great blog so far! Found out about it from Faith Writers (I'm Tabby2002 there). Feel free to check out my blog anytime by clickin on my name and scrolling down to the bottom where it lists the blog and click on that.

I will bookmark your blog and come back again. God bless!

Glory said...

Hi, Amy, welcome to blogging. I followed your link from FaithWriters. I seem to spend all my online time either there or blogging!

Feel free to stop in and visit my blog, any time.