Friday, July 27, 2012

Tea Party Hills

Journal from Saturday, June 23rd, part two

Next stop was Boston and the Tea Party Ship and Museum. It was closed but we could have taken pictures of the outside of the ship, but by then it was raining cats and dogs so hard on the roof we could hardly hear each other talk, and we didn’t have jackets.

But it was too strong to even drive in, so we hung out and eventually it slowed down enough for us to slog down the road and take pictures of the replicas of the boats that were carrying the tea. There was one anchored on either side of the museum and the third will be built in the back. A worker happened to be coming out as we walked up and he was kind enough to stop and chat with us about the project and the history of the ships, and then offered to take a picture of all of us together. Previously I’d had to Photoshop us all into the same picture.

Journal from Sunday, June 24th

Today we meandered through Concord and little villages in New Hampshire and Maine. We went through Northwoods in Maine and then back into NH in the White Mountain area. The little roads opened into gorgeous lakes and rivers every short bit, each one surrounded by little houses and cabins and families enjoying boats and fishing.

I saw two deer and Dad saw a turtle running across the road, but I forget what states those were in. Now we’re in bear country and I’m keeping my eyes peeled in hopes of seeing one. I’ve only ever seen a bear outside a zoo once, and that was in Alaska from a long distance, when I was in gondola and a bear cub was spotted way below us, sleeping under a tree.

Somehow I missed getting notes of which city these buildings were in,
but I think this must be Concord. The buildings were very ornate and old.

I rested in the back seat trying to keep up with editing jobs, though that’s hard when my nose is running so badly. Yes, that’s right. I’m working on two different editing jobs during this trip. My new laptop with six hours of battery life was a good investment.
You can tell the trip and the cold are taking their toll--I look exhausted.
New Conway, NH was full of adorable little shops, restaurants, and hotels that were themed everything from Bavarian chalets to western style. It’s apparently a vacation town with lots of outdoor stuff to do year-round. They call the area White Mountain, but their “mountains” are only a little bigger than my foothills and very green this time of year. Still pretty.

We saw the neatest ski resort that has been very clever in turning its slopes into year-round fun. They have water slides, dirt bike trails, and wheeled toboggan runs all along the slopes. We would have loved to play for a while, but were hoping to make it to Chazy, NY by evening because my mom’s distant relatives have a famous farm there. Her first cousin third-removed, Amos Miner, owned Heart’s Delight Farm (that would be her great-grandmother’s cousin).

Check back on Tuesday for some cool pictures of the amazingly-huge farm that belonged to my great-great grandmother's cousin. He put a hydro-dam in the middle of the farm and was one of the first who had electricity.


Joanne Sher said...

Neat! Looking forward to hearing about that farm.

dandelionfleur said...

I love your pictures. Family trips are the best. Or the VERY worst. But this looks like the best:).

Anonymous said...

More likely to see deer, than a bear or a moose.
Glad you were able to see New England!