Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pilgrim Travelers

Journal from Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

We stayed overnight in Rhode Island and passed over a long bridge over a beautiful bay with lots of boats and islands and a ton of tiny sailboats that must have been one-person sizes.
Then we passed into Massachusetts and visited Mayflower II, a full-sized replica of the original MayFlower. It was really cool to get to go in the boat to see what the cramped quarters really would have been like. The voyage itself was about two months but there were delays before and after, so the families were stuck in the hull for almost eight months. Some people brought wood, so they were allowed to construct a bed or partition. There was an actual may flower on the front of the boat, which I didn’t know or had forgotten.

This is a map of where voyagers came from, with our
ancestors' names enlarged.

Ropes were wrapped around this to
give leverage to get heavy items in
and out of the holds.

A whole family would use one of these bed compartments.

I love this picture of the riggings.

Then we walked over to see Plymouth Rock. It’s pretty small now and unimpressive, but he told us that it used to be three times larger before people chipped off pieces as souvenirs. Plus, originally it was the only boulder on a big stretch of sandy beach. Now lots of rocks have been added to the edge of it to make a marina.

This building was protection around the rock.

You can see our shadows against the rock.

Check back next Friday for more pictures!

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Joanne Sher said...

So neat, Amy! Loving this (and I think it's SUPER cool you have ancestors on the Mayflower!). See ya Friday! ;)