Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A2Z Take 2: Suspenseful Synopsis

Before the whole shoulder injury thing, someone contacted me about doing an author interview or book review on my blog. Now that things are finally a little calmed down to the more normal craziness, I’m finally getting that posted.

Fay Lamb writes my favorite genre—suspense. Her book Because of Me was recently released from Treble Heart Books and is available to buy in paper or e-book version. You can purchase it here:

Though Issie Putnam is scarred from past trauma, she’s focused on being a strong single mother for her young son, Cole. She’s finally come to a place of healing and moved on when suddenly the past is thrown in her face. Her son is convinced he’s spotted  his “father,” but that declaration sends Issie reeling. Who does he think his father is, and why would that man be in town after all this time?

When Michael, the man Cole saw, shows up at their farm in the middle of a storm that has damaged the only road out, Issie is stuck with her former fiancĂ© and the memories of all the turmoil and trouble that led to them being separated almost eight years ago. Most of all, she’s stuck with the lingering questions; is love still possible after all the time and all the trouble that has passed between them? Has Michael really returned to a faith in their God, and can they find forgiveness for all of them?

But things intensify when an evil man, enemy to them both, is released from jail on probation. Michael realizes too late that he’s led the men right to their target. But as the group of bad men are intent on capturing Issie to finish her off once and for all, they spot her son and suddenly just having his mother isn’t enough.

Now Issie has to decide who to trust. Even her sister and brother-in-law’s loyalties are unclear. Can she allow Michael to rescue her when it’s his fault she’s in this mess in the first place, and when he struggles to even look at her own son? Or will he just drag her deeper into trouble, and deeper into heartache?

As if the adults’ confusion isn’t enough, young Cole is faced with two men. One of them is desperate to get Cole’s allegiance and the other wants nothing to do with him. He believes he knows which one is his real dad, but is he right? And when it comes to love and trust, what does “real dad” mean, anyway?

You’ll have to read the book to find out. :-)

I’ll admit that sometimes the details about previous happenings mingled with and influencing the action of today were a little confusing. At times I wished Because of Me was two books—one about the past and one about the present. But everything was sorted out eventually and became clear. I also felt some of the suspenseful moments weren't as scary and tense as they could have been, but I found the characters very endearing and the behaviors realistic and the storyline was unique and interesting.

Next week for "T" we'll have an interview with the author herself, Fay Lamb, for a taste of life as an author. In the mean time, visit her website,, or check out her FaceBook page:

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Niki Turner said...

I love suspense as well. Continually daunted by the writing advice that writing inspy romantic suspense is one of the most difficult genres to undertake.

June Foster said...

Fay Lamb's book is well worth the read.