Sunday, August 24, 2008

United Together

Yesterday I attended two weddings. They were each about an hour drive from home and from each other. I was worried I’d be in a ton of pain, but it wasn’t too bad, praise God. Both weddings were beautiful outdoor ceremonies. It rained all week and cleared up just the day before.

The first wedding was a classmate’s. She had a sweet ceremony, set looking out over the Columbia River Gorge. I didn’t know she was religious, but it was a strongly Christian wedding, much to the challenge of the sign language interpreter (a classmate from my first year who recently graduated), LOL. She did a great job, though.

One thing the pastor at that wedding said really stuck with me. He said, “Marriage isn’t about finding the perfect mate--it’s about becoming the perfect mate.” How true that is. In this culture of high-speed marriages that seem to end almost before they start, so many forget that it is a commitment that takes work, but reaps in joy.

The second wedding was a long-time friend. Her mom and my mom were roommates in college and our families are still good friends, though we don’t see them often. It was great to see other long-time friends that were also there, and reconnect a little.

It’s funny, mostly I’m quite content right now being single, or even with the thought that I may never get married. But there’s something about attending weddings that awakens a bit of longing in me. Ah well, God’s timing. I decided I should keep a little notebook with all the things I like from each wedding so that if my day should come I can remember some helpful/cool things to incorporate.

Today we’ve had a lovely quiet day. Tammy, another FWer, flew in last night, so it’s been fun chatting with her. Shari flew back home after church today. :-( It was so much fun to have her here, and it was sweet how well she took care of me, making sure I got rest when I needed it.

This evening Tammy, SisJ, and I met David Ian to see a Christian improv acting team, a farm team (learning team) of Comedy Sportz. It was a lot of fun! We want to play some of the improv acting games at the talent show at the next FaithWriter’s conference.

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Jules said...

My SIL was happy in her single state and was a wonderful aunty to our boys, lavishing love and attention on them. Easter last year she married a wonderful Christian man - at the age of 50! It was a first marriage for both of them (and as far as we know her first romantic interest).

Another of my husband's siblings - his youngest brother - was 39 when he married for the first time.

A friend has a saying that I like: "Better to want what you don't have than to have what you don't want." He applies it to the marriage state (he's single btw) and sadly there's a lot of truth in what he says.

Don't rule marriage out but be content with the state that God has called you to at this point in time. He really does know what's best for you.