Monday, August 11, 2008

Of movie-making and doctor-picking

Yesterday I got to be an extra in a little Christian movie, Dialtone. About twenty-five of us stood scattered in the middle of a field of waist-high grass and thistles. We wore dark shirts and stood in solemnly--after all, we were dead. ;-) They did shots of us in each section of the big field and hill, and later will compile them to make it one shot of a full field. Afterwards I even got to do a one-liner. The movie will be about 45 minutes and entered in the San Antonio Film Festival (if I remember correctly) this fall.

After the shooting, they had a bunch of equipment to pick up and carry back down the long trail to the parking area. I didn’t carry anything heavy, but I really shouldn’t have stayed to help pick up after everything else. It’s just so ingrained into me to help out--what can I say, my mom taught me well. I’m having to learn to undo some of that now that I have Fibromyalgia and trying to not let myself feel guilty for not helping with things.

I thought I was doing okay during the shoot and that evening, but today I’m paying for it. I have that flu-like ache all over my body, even my hands. I can’t quite figure how standing in a field and climbing a bit of a hill can make my hands hurt, but whatever. It was still fun and I got to mostly rest today, even if that wasn’t what I’d planned for today.

Tomorrow I’m going to an acupuncturist. Though I know it doesn’t work for everyone, I’ve heard that it helps with both pain and sleeping problems for many people. My insurance referred me, so I’ll only have a $20 co-pay each visit. The HMO sent me this list like six pages long of acupuncturists I could pick from. Yowz. I don’t know much of anything about it, so I didn’t have a clue how to go about picking someone.

Finally I just prayed that God would lead me to the right person and started calling all the females on the list who lived closest to me. I left four or five messages asking them to call me back. Then someone called me back. I asked if she’d worked with Fibromyalgia patients before.

Ha. Turns out she started working for a rheumatologist who specialized in Fibro. She did her thesis on Fibro. During her research she saw that acupuncture seemed to provide great results for people suffering from Fibro, so she decided to train to become one herself.

Um yeah, I think she knows a little about Fibromyalgia. And that was the very first lady who called back. Thank you, God!


Laury said...

You didn't tell me you were in a movie. That's exciting! Yes, just standing can wear you out. I know that from experience. Just keep plugging along and rest in between. Praying you do well today. Love you!

Shirley said...

So excited for you! It is always so cool when God's moving is so clear. I hope she can help.

Joanne Sher said...

I just wanna know how you got a "one-liner" if you were DEAD! (LOLOL)
Praying that the acupuncture was a good experience, and for you in general, of course.